Costco tests curbside pickup through Instacart at these locations


It looks like Costco is offering curbside pickup after all — but only at a few locations.

The retailer appears to be testing same-day curbside pickup for groceries at three warehouses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to the company website.

However, there are some guidelines members have to follow.

Pickup orders must be a minimum of $100 and members will have to pay a $10 pickup fee to use the service, according to the website.

“Curbside pickup adds an additional expense to our low-cost business model and limited markup structure,” the website says about the pickup fee. “Costco employees will prepare the orders and deliver the order to members’ vehicles.”

Members can order “all groceries including fresh and select non-food items” for same-day pickup, according to the website. About 2,000 items are available for members to order.

It is unclear whether the company intends to expand curbside pickup to other areas if it is successful in Albuquerque.

The company is offering same-day curbside pickup months after Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said the company wasn’t planning on making curbside pickup available.

At Costco’s earnings call in September, Galanti said: “We don’t have our head in the sand on it, we look at it, we have people here who study it, maybe we’ll surprise you one day but at this juncture, we are not prepared to do that.”

In December during another earnings call, Galanti doubled down on the company’s position on curbside pickup.

“We continue to look at it and scratch our heads a little bit,” Galanti said, per USA Today. “But at this juncture, we don’t have any current plan to do so.”

Aside from curbside pickup in Albuquerque, Costco also offers same-day delivery through Instacart and two-day delivery nationwide — except in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, the website says.